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Izabel Goulart, is a Brazilian models the most successful on the outside. At the top, which they were going in the last ten years, you will see how the angel of the brand Victoria’s Secret is closed and full of good shape, with the belly, and a pair of legs to attract attention wherever. This week, the body, the spirit, back into the limelight for his participation at the Cannes film festival, where it had worn, a powerful column in the event and in the other model, missing the brunch is the designer Fendi,, and on the neck, and the transparency at the premiere of the film “the youth”.

Keep your body sequinho it shows on the catwalks, campaigns and red carpet, mind, network, heavy duty. For the model, the different shapes and always shares her workouts on Instagram. In addition to the fitness equipment and free weights, doing pilates and yoga. Elizabeth was also a change in the functional Ring, a workout that combines martial arts with the other disciplines, which the fighter of jiu-jitsu Eduardo Munrá. He has also trained with other tops, such as Carol Trentini, Renata Kuerten, Alicia Kuczman, and Emanuela de Paula.

“The profile of the overtraining patients, not convince. All the models now do you want to set up, and look healthier,” said the professor, in a recent interview with the Pure people. “Everyone in the world is a slender and muscular to get. Now-a-days women don’t want to legs to strokes, and with thick top,” said.