Miley Cyrus and starring kaitlynn Carter while she’s gone, Liam Hemsworth still”


The story will be repeated again. After a separation, usually happen is that one of the two parties what they are better than the other, or at least together with your social life much faster. This is what is happening to you Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus, which have their separation last august after eight months of marriage. The news caused a great uproar among his fans, you could not believe your story, I love this sad end, however, kissing also some pictures in which the singer appeared, with the influencer Starring Kaitlynn Carterex-wife of Brody Jenner, the brother of the Kardashian, let there no doubt. Since then, several deadlines were not separated and were, which are always accomplices and laughed.

Miley Cyrus and starring kaitlynn Carter have a new date, while Liam Hemsworth are still missingVIEW GALLERY

The last has taken place this week. Miley and starring kaitlynn enjoyed a romantic evening in New York this Tuesday, 10. september, and were photographed in the restaurant by the hand, and sporty styles left to play. Dressed in all black, everyone gave him his personal touch and sexy. The performer of hits such as Wrecking ball or Malibu she wore a top, long pants and maxi-blazer, apart from a pair of ankle boots with lace-silver, several necklaces, and sunglasses with glasses in the color yellow. For his part, the ex Brody Jenner is also the figure with a mini skirt and leather sandals strip was thus styled your legs.

Cyrus and Carter have spent a lot of time together, since they separated from their respective husbands. In addition, it seems that recently they have decided to take a step further and to live, together, confirmed a source to the magazine People. “You are very happy,” said the beginning of this month, he adds: “Miley is very good. And does not seem to regret. It loves, with starring kaitlynn“.

Miley Cyrus and starring kaitlynn Carter have a new date, while Liam Hemsworth are still missingVIEW GALLERY

While still the centre of all glances, it is true that Liam Hemsworth is currently a completely different life. The actor has preferred away from the herd and refuge in Australia, where is surrounded by his family and friends. The protagonist Hunger games officially applied for a divorce at 21. august and the last images seen, and those days correspond to him, as they saw it, by shopping at a supermarket.

According to the journal published The BlastLiam has set Laura Waterknown as the ‘the Queen of the divorces of Hollywoodto advise ‘in this process. Laura is known to some of the most famous of the last ten years, including the separation of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, or Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Their prices move from 800, – € / hour and offers exclusive services such as a judge’s private, for your customers, do not need to appear in court. Apparently, the partners signed a prenup prior to the marriage, so it was expected that a divorce without a lot of problems.

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