Miley Cyrus, operated on the vocal cords | people and celebrities


Finally, Miley should Cyrus have had a surgery of the vocal cords. The singer of 26 years, he was the urgency, the concerned last October in the hospital, due to a tonsillitis and after revealing to now magazine Peoplethe doctors told him, would have to be operated on, before the end of the year. The interpreter chosen, in the past week, to the op, according to sources in your environment, since you once again with the success of the intervention.

His current partner, the singer, Cody Simpson, was not separated from the artist in the shortest possible time, published a few days ago on her Instagram a picture of the two with the word “success”, an indication that everything went well. The interpreter Wrecking Ball is already at home and watch a couple of weeks, so that they are moved, the recording of some new musical themes I had earrings, as well as the one or the other of cooperation. “This is very good, and is better than ever comes at the beginning of the year,” say sources in your environment Peopleand added that for at least the next two weeks, you can’t force the throat and certainly not talk.

The two artists are friends for years, but it was at the beginning of October, than jumped the alarms about the beginning of the end of the relationship between the two, after they have been seen kissing in a restaurant. After this date, no one has been hiding, your feelings, and have boasted of love via your social networks. The couple enjoys most of the time at home, playing the guitar and singing, or even movies and TV shows that show both of them on this platform. Also they come together to celebrate, as the were dressed up on Halloween as a dancer Perri Lister, and musician Billy Idol.

In addition to her new boyfriend, the singer has found herself in the music their highest refuge for these months, twitch has lived after her separation from Liam Hemsworth, only eight months after the marriage and after, your ruputra with the influencer Starring Kaitlynn Carter. Cyrus was already working on their next job, according to the live in september Don ‘ t call me angelthe song sings alongside Lana del Rey and Ariana Grande and part of the soundtrack from the movie The angels of Charlie.