Salma Hayek is a 52-year – celebrities


He has to follow the studies, his dream of an actress. Salma Hayek-Jimenez Day 52 years ago, and it seems to be better than ever before. From the soap Operas from Mexico, and dance performance in the movie A Drink In Hell (1996) in Portuguese From dusk till dawn – that made him a symbol of the sensuality of the 90 ‘ s, Hayek, never let fall his arms. In between Lonely Hearts (2006), Children All (2019), or The wild (2012), it was the interpretation Frida Khalo in the Film The (2002), have allowed for the nominations for awards such as the Oscars, Globes, Gold, a BAFTA Award, among others. In his most recent work, the movies All Lo Saben (2018), which will Premiere on 14 September in: Spain, and the The Humminbird Project (2018), the United States, whose premiere is scheduled for the cannes Film Festival, Toronto, on 6. September.

The mother of a little girl Valentina Paloma Pinault., since 2007, he has been married to her husband the employer François-Henri Pinault. (who was the actress in the vow renewal last week). TogetherTo help contribution on a monthly basis with tens of thousands of dollars to various organizations, the orphans in Mexico, India and Africa.