Selena Gomez feels suffered emotional abuse with Justin Bieber


The American singer talked about her exnovio and his song “Lose You To Love Me’.

28. Jan 2020 12:43From:

The American singer Selena Gomez for an interview with the National Public Radio (NPR), in the he spoke about the relationship with your exnovio Justin Bieber to March 2018. In addition, he assured that he was the victim of abuse, emotional during this time.

“I have the strength for it. (…) It is dangerous to be in a victim mentality. And I’m not disrespectful, I feel that I am not a victim, certain emotional abuse”the said also an actress.

Selena Gomez went on to say, “I had to find a way to understand it than adults. And I had to understand the decisions that he did”.

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“So much So that you definitely do not want to spend the rest of my life to talk about I am very proud to be able to say, I feel stronger than ever and I found out how to cross this episode with the highest grace possible,” said the singer.

On his song “Lose You To Love Me’, Selena Gomez pointed out that they are very “proud” and “has a different meaning for me now that, if it have written. I have not had a breakage with respect, and he had accepted it, but I know that I say no, a few things I would have liked to have said”.

“It is a song of hatred, it is a song that says: had something nice and never deny that it was. (…) It was very difficult and I’m glad it’s over. And I felt that this was a good opportunity to say, you know, is done, and what I understand, and respect him, and now here I am, placing them in a different Chapter different,” says the singer.


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