Selena Gomez surprised with a song about his past with Justin Bieber


The neverending story between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber a new Chapter, at least musically. The ex-girls Disney has thrown so totally unexpected Feel me, a song that appeared in the year of 2016 during their tour Revival Tour and fell in love completely in the fansthose who wore, asked for his release because. Selena has heard your wishes and the time of the presentation of this single come, making toto speculation. Why? The single speaks about a man repents after he lost the woman of his life, and, as was to be expected this argument applies to his relationship with the singer.


Selena Gomez a the year began with the publication of new album, Rarewith was parts are in your past shows renovated a version of yourself completely. A hard drive that began as a statement of intent, from the very first minute, with a single presentation-so explicitly, as in Lots of you to love mewhat virtually it was said unanimously that it was a farewell to Justin Bieber. Theory, they later confirmed: “Because I don’t want to talk about the rest of my life, about this, I feel really proud to say that I have overcome me, stronger than ever, and I have found a way to”, Roman times, the singer himself has received as he was asked, the song.

However, although we have said “goodbye” to every glimmer of his toxic last ratio, Selena was surprised, Feel mea topic that has not been included in her new album because their content is quite unlike Rarehe appeared in the special edition on vinyl. As you, yourself, the song was explained in an interview last January: “if I’m in a different time and does not fit in the place where I am now”. Something what is not in doubt, listen to the two projects and compare. Their latest cd is the result of Selena is thoughtful and strong, you are your own person, on the other, and Feel mequite to the contrary. In fact, the played for first time live as a song is written that he is during a night I was very hurt and angry, something that, of course, be note.


Therefore, the fans no doubt who the protagonist is, once again, by a letter with sentences like: “Every time your lips touch each other, I want to feel.” Theory is reinforced by the fact that with this release, just a couple of days later, that Justin Bieber fills the public to speak in a interview with Apple Music on its separation from the singer, and the beginning of his relationship with Hailey Baldwin, the history of pain, injury, toxicity, and then learn. Something in what seems to be a match with two such artists, as Selena also confessed everything open, which was the Canadians at the time, the hardest of his life.


Both Selena Gomez as well as Justin Bieber are deep in their respective projects professional, he and documentary, and the last premiere Changeshis musical return after five years, with the promotion of the above-mentioned disc, and both claim, closed the door to his past almost a decade together, he, and marriage is included. However, Jelenaas usual, the fans on your relationship has references, he will never be a trend, even if it is musically. As the time will come in every so separate ways once and for all?