Sindspen joins the more than 200 people in the fight against cancer



More than 200 people, including young people, adults and children, climbed the hill of Santo Antônio do Leverger, on the morning of Saturday (19). The sun was not yet born, while the class was in the preparation. All participants wore a custom t-shirt for October-Pink November-Blue.

The event was organized by the Directorate of sports and events from the Union, the institution of the servers in the prison (Sindspen), with the aim of supporting the prevention of breast cancer, together with the movement, which is carried out in the month of October, and also in the prevention of cancer of the prostate that takes place in the month of November.

Morro De Santo Antonio

Before the start of the hike had the staff a Cup of coffee in the morning, at the base of the fruit, in addition to participating in a warm-up preparation, in order to be able to climb up the hill, a distance of 950 meters.

The increase was led by a physical education teacher, and Wellington Gomes Bezerra de Oliveira. He advised there would be a rise of light, therefore, even a person who graduate do not have the habit of exercise, it would be possible for the course. “There is something that is not possible,” he said.

Morro De Santo Antonio

One of the speakers at the event, which brings in the action of prevention of cancer, the agent of the adhesive is Suely Aparecida de Oliveira institution, who has already gone through breast cancer in 2007 and was able to make the climb, and you end up with the statement that they can beat the disease. “Thank God, today I am using this opportunity to do something new, to breathe the air, to see different about this beautiful place and be able to say, I have overcome it. The Sindspen you are to be congratulated for the promotion of such a campaign to insist that it promotes the person, had I never tried on a mountain, and I chose to overcome these obstacles, together with each and every one of us present,” she said.

The event was also attended by many of the young athletes involved in the Sport, among them Midian Pereira’s Cross in the company of her husband and two of her friends. She says she learned of the action via social networks, and decided to settle in. “I saw the ad and called my friend and he was in you, now we are here, we would never on a mountain risen, it was an amazing experience. I would like to congratulate the initiative of the trade Union,” he said.

Morro De Santo Antonio

Already in the service of the Elssa Mendes, I was accompanied by my husband, Luiz Carlos Caldas, and of the son, 4 years old. “My son fell in love, when you fly it, want to see all of the above, I. I must confess that it is a sacrifice to the top, but it is very satisfying in the result. This is very interesting, because it promotes the prevention of breast cancer,” she said.

The rise of the hill the 3 is. Event the Board of Directors in the event to support the support for the awareness and prevention of cancer of the breast diseases, and also the prostate. The Director of the sports and events in the Sindspen Jorge Moraes tells us how he came up with the idea, the event this year, on the morro de Santo Antônio. “The proposal came from its own employees in the event of the year. And if you, climb, I see that we meet our goal of merging the Server together with the local population, because there are people from all over the world are here, and it was certainly a productive,” he said.

In the example, the event people from outside the city, tied to the interests of the young Djane Maya Fonseca, residing in the city of stone, Petra, 243 km from the capital). “I saw the posting for the event in the story of a colleague, and I asked him if I participate could, so that I, from my application, and I love to be here today getting to know some new people, and enjoy this wonderful place,” he said.

Morro De Santo Antonio

The President of the Sindspen Jacira Maria Costa, congratulated the Directors are responsible for the event, and the coach, Wellington, for advice. “Once again, the Directors of the event have to be congratulated on the action it was wonderful, it had a lot of good, happy people, and the reception was also very nice. During the trip, it was great to see how people interact and help each other out, and you can see their joy at the completion of the goal, in the final stretch, to the top of the hill, it was the best of all. We will continue to work for the Sindspen Health care is also said to continue to be focused on the well-being and quality of life of the servers,” he said.

Jacira mentioned already, is the purpose of the event was to open your eyes and draw the attention of the women, as well as the removal of cancers of the breast and men’s prostate cancer. “We were able to be with us, the people who have beaten cancer. So, we’re going to guard us as soon as possible in accordance with the conditions of the fight against this disease,” he concluded.

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