The bikinazo in mustard Dayana Garroz


Dayana Garroz is the star The Lord of the heavens the have give the heart a lot to life of The activists, colonel a. d., a hard woman, who bowed never in front of no one, even in the defeats.

But today, the actress, the beyond of nature, the message for the bikinazo she climbed up on the network, in which not only revealed her curves but also demonstrated how little the minimum order quantity in the color of mustard you can do for yourself and it’s not that the bra gave cattle to low. is Many of you will see reminded the interesting bikinis, also leads Demi Rose, famous for the little.

A well-known model for the wearing of bikinis tiny, although her Boobs is really very big Demi Rose.

In the last top she wore a white, they came to him the boobies too low.

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