The fall of the model in the parade of Victoria’s Secret on TV


Although it is a little chaos on the shoot for the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in the year 2017, and in China, the fans are still waiting for the perfection in the live tv broadcast of the programme. But that’s not what happened.

Many of the spectators were surprised at the Americans when they discovered that the CBS channel has decided not only to include the case of the Ming Xi on the catwalk, as it is a good airtime to give to you, and starting with the producers, the exclamarem “A Ming, is fallen!’ from that of the control. The cameras even showed the model of china cry, behind the scenes, and be comforted by their colleagues.

The decision of the people informed. While some would argue that Victoria’s Secret and CBS, they cut the scene “unnecessary,”others believe that at the time, it is important for the program, for the graceful form that can Help to deal with the situation, and especially to the representation of the spirit of camaraderie among the models, such as Gizele Oliveira he immediately went to his aid.

In the UK, the “Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show will broadcast, exclusively on the SCI-GUYS, on 6. December AT 21: 45.