The model in the Victoria’s Secret shows in the stretch marks to prove that they are not a problem: “Is it you”


Gizele Oliveira has worked with a Brazilian model, with the major international brands and, more recently, the attention by participating in the famous annual parade of Victoria’s Secret, which was carried out in China.

As one of the promises of the walkway, and she came back to steal the spotlight again, when the time of the famous those who have a real break, which by the standards of beauty, and with an attitude, simple and full of meaning for so many people.

The real body with the stretch marks

On his page on Instagram, the top model posted a picture appeared on the back, just the bottom half wear a bikini. Full of sexiness, the image, ended up stealing the scene, in fact, a very important message behind it.

Not your “real body”, Gizele sports hide on your butt stretch marks visible, and sent him a message, of course, about self-love and self-esteem in the legend, click on the words “you,” she wrote.

Your post has us. many followers of the model, the applause for the attitude, and they spared no compliments for her look“Good to see you in your natural beauty, show us that you are imperfectly perfect, that he sent a. “Oh my God, now I’m not afraid of a few stretch marks, which are just beautiful,” said the other.

The motion for the adoption of the “defects” is for the models

It is important to remember that the Brazilians show the first top from Victoria’s Secret, your body without touch-ups on the web. Now, almost two years before, the angel Jasmine Tookes her stretch marks on the skin, for a test performed for the brand – which, ironically, is best known for misuse of the processing of the images in the campaign.

On both occasions, the models prove that a woman is subject to the small marks on the body, and it is not a problem. On the contrary, it shows that we are all equal, and that’s not always what you see in magazines, books, television, and even on social networks, it is the truth….

Examples of a “body-positive”