The reasons behind the rift between Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott


Since last Tuesday, reports revealed that the young couple, consisting of a Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott of 22 and 28 years of age, the the decision to separate. However, according to the sources, you can not be the final one.

This it is also not the first time that you made this choice. “Kylie and Travis are stopped and restarted several times along their relationship. Kylie still loves you Travis and not as a fraction is final for none of the two,” said a source to the magazine Us Weekly.

According to another source, the couple not about a relationship so common.He spent a lot of time in his house in Beverly Hills, and she remained in Calabasas, so you don’t have a traditional relationship, in the terms and conditions of each night to spend together. This it’s not a traditional relationship, but they are very much in love“claimed the publication.

Apparently, the young couple is that you two years of relationship and a daughter, Stormi Webster had, did not agree the following steps to take the relationship.

“Kylie is young, but, in reality, a lifestyle of a traditional family. She has seen her older sisters with big families and several children, and she longs for the same. She loved to be home with Travis and his little, more than anything else, but now his priorities are different,” a source told the entertainment portal E! News.

The portal also reported that Kylie wanted Travis better and dedicated his life to his family, but he has you focused on your race.

“It was hard for him to get home, all the nights with his family and put the little one in the bed. It is not, where in your life is what you made them feel insecure to Kylie. In the last few months, Kylie felt like you were walking around aimlessly and was not sure what was going on. She wants to marry and have more children, and made it clear that he can be confirmed in the moment”.

According to various sources, the small problems are gone) is added, and the discussions even more.

“You argue again, but is followed and have for the last month. You have argued about things ridiculous and Kylie is usually very skeptical about Travis. Also Travis has a stressed out “new music,” said the source.

“Kylie looks at his sister Kim (Kardashian) as an example, and wants what she has with Kanye,” said an informant of the magazine People.

Now they live a life, quite apart from the fact, because according to reports the journal, Travis moved in for a couple of weeks and full-time lives in his own house, while his daughter Stormi, 20 months, will continue to live with his mother.

“The two are great parents and both take care of the girls, because you do not want the separation affected to Stormi. In the moment it is not felt that they could arrange their differences, they decided to separate, because they didn’t want their discussions impactaran to Stormi”, added the source.

Though the pair still has hopes, the decision about the ways that single life brings the focus on the profession and what you want, this every.

“Kylie still has some difficulties with the trust, but their problems were way more stress to your life“he went on.

The rumors about the separation began in mid-septemberso the last time you were seen in public, was at the premiere of the documentary film by Scott“Look Mom, I Can Fly” from the end of august. During the last publication, Jenner has next to him is a photo of them together for the promotion of his interview Playboy 10. December. Though Jenner denied any kind of separation. However, TMZ the separation after the wedding of Hailey Baldwin confirmed that Jenner visited with her daughter and her sister Kendall, only.

The couple was first introduced in april 2017, during the festival, Coachella, is your relationship a course took very seriously fairly quickly, because he accompanied him on his tour in april and may. His daughter, born in February of the following year.