The seven-times that Jennifer Lawrence has proven to be, babe


The way to success in Hollywood can be a long and difficult process. But to show some of those young people, the determination and are surprised from the top by a lot of work. The birthday boy or girl this Wednesday (15/8), Jennifer Lawrence, is part of the group.

Completion of a 28-year-old Jennifer has managed to impress many of the critics of the film to be, for various awards to be nominated, and to show you all of the success went to his head. Now, the actress is a Baby, and the face is to be known not only for her talent, and in a good mood, but for the show, a variety of obstacles.

Here, the seven-times Jennifer Lawrence proved to be the strength of the left:

There will be a few new to be nominated for four Oscars

In 2011, Jennifer Lawrence his first was nominated for the academy award for the film Winter”s headin which he acted as a hero. At the time, you are only 21 years old. From 2013 to 2016, was also nominated three times, twice for best actress and a supporting role. A total of four nominations for this award was the most recent to.

However, you only received the award because the four directions. In 2013, she won the award for Best actress for the role of Tiffany in the long On the bright side of life.

She played a leading role in a saga of action films, which earned $ 3 billion

Try to think how many times you have seen action movies with a woman in the main role. Difficult, right? Not for Jennifer Lawrence, who starred in four long-runner genre, the saga of The Hunger Games, based on the trilogy of books by the American author Suzanne Collins. In some works, she plays Katniss Everdeen.

His performance earned him nominations for Best actress in Action movie for each movie in the saga, and in the Critic”s Choice Awards-award ceremony, the largest organization of critics in the United States and Canada. The actress won the award for the first film The Hunger Games.

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Jennifer Lawrance took part in the ceremonies, the academy awards, and gave some of the memes for the internet

She left school at the age of 14 to follow his dream of becoming an actress

When I was in high school, she said that I had a lot of difficulty in school and was less intelligent than the other children, she said in an interview with the CBS. With the dream of becoming an actress and convinced her parents with her to New York city when she was 14 years old, where he was approached by a modeling Agency, and received a couple of scripts to read. Then she decided to leave school and devote himself entirely to the career of the actress.

With determination, a role that landed in the comedy-show The Bill Engvall Showin 2007, he convinced his parents to Hollywood.

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The actress began her career early on but only began to drive from the age of 17, when he was sent to a series of humorous

Won the the the the trauma from the Nude photos leaked in 2014, and played in a movie that required nudity

In 2014, Jennifer Lawrence, was hacked and he’s had several Nude pics leaked to the internet The actress said in an interview about the incident: “It is frightening, as it seems, the whole world is judging you.” However, the actress did not let the trauma and stop the progress on the career ladder, and in this year, she played a leading role in the long The Red Sparrow. The Film had the track record of a spy for the Russian, and it required some nudity.

It was later said that when he read the script, “you realize the difference between what is consensual or not.” During the filming, she reveals, “Something was taken from me, I took it back, and I use it in my art.”

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Jennifer Lawrence, the promotion of Red Sparrow

Took a strong position against the payment of a lack of access to Hollywood

In the same year that Jennifer Lawrence was hacked, with the company producing the film, Sony also has some of the documents and the e-mails leaked. One of them was, shows the difference in the payment between Jennifer and her colleagues in the movie American Hustle. The actress wrote a long explanation, we see the situation.

You said that to questions, while their male colleagues were able, for increases, and a higher salary, she was worried that “in the opinion of a pirralha”. “I’m tired of looking for a way to ‘smooth’ for the show, in my opinion, and yet lovable.” More recently, she said, not afraid, and their value know.

It is a policy of the

To the rumors, who wanted to have a gap year, Jennifer Lawrence is known for involvement in politics and quite active. The actress is Represented by part of the NGO to the US to fight against the corruption of American politics. She guest lectures at the University and works in the area of the involvement of youth in the political process of the non-governmental organization.

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Jennifer Lawrence has a strong focus policy to focus on the engagement of young

Comments against the producer, Harvey Weinstein

Jennifer Lawrance has said with Harvey Weinstein and he, not to be sexually abused by the producers, which was used By the supporters of the Declaration of innocence. The actress was torn to the left angry by the use of his speech out of context.

In the interview she said that she wanted to kill him when he found out about his actions towards other women. “As long as I’m not the victim, the staff of Harvey Weinstein, I have to thank the support of all the women who survived his terrible, terrible abuse, and I for the use of all necessary means to justice.”

The actress is also compared to a “boil that never goes away”.