The Shopping mall, the Festival of the adoption of the list of special


The event will take place this Saturday, and will include workshops, lectures, and with the participation of the special Committee for the protection and defense of the animal, of the OAB-GO

It happens to be this Saturday, may 31., from 13h to 19h, more a celebration of the adoption of dogs and cats in the stroll of the waters in the Mall. At this time, the action that will take place, visited in conjunction with the volunteers of the NGO, the sanctuary, and over 60 animals are already spayed and neutered, de-wormed, vaccinated and looking for a home that is filled with love and affection. In addition to the event a special program is free and open to the public.

The action to secure in addition to you would like to find a home for the animals, it is also to raise awareness of the public about adoption and responsible ownership of companion animals. For this reason, the event is the participation of the special Committee for the protection and defense of animals to the Ordem dos Advogados do Brasil – Seccional of the state of Goiás (Brazil bar association), GOIÁS, during the whole afternoon, the visitors and answer questions about issues of animal rights and reception of complaints about child abuse and neglect.


With 14, they-the saints, and of the Blog Felino Delia, operates a workshop for the cat toys with recyclable material. In the event you need to get the 15, to talk about the first-aid kit for Pets with Dr Nina Araujo de Paula, from a veterinary practice in Santa Luiza.

In the company of the police with dogs and riot police
the shock of the state of Goiás, also takes part in the action and shall, to the 17, of his intention not to
Breeding dogs, Karine Guedes Cury, Cape Anne in the First of the
Olive wheels, and the man of war, Alexandre Alvarenga. And at the end of 18 hrs,
there will be a chat about volunteering with one of the organizers of the project
Recycling-Legged, André Gondim.

With the intention to enjoy you even more for the day, and those wishing to visit the
The Festival of the assumption, you will have fun in the bouncy castle (for children accompanied with 04
at 10 years of age), and feast on cotton candy and popcorn, free of charge, to all of you. And
take part in competitions or give-aways on the Megan’s pet, and who knows how to
the puppy or kitten to your home.

Those who are interested in adopting one of the animals that you have to pay a fee of$ 30.00, which will be used to transport other Pets, and for the construction of the new headquarters of the NGO. In addition, you have to go through a screening interview, and you will need to fill out a form, and a term that is used. It is necessary a personal ID card, proof of residence and at least 18 years of age. It is important that everyone living in the household, to the animal his consent to the adoption.

Schedule free of charge: 14 – a Workshop for cat, toy, recyclable materials – with the help of which you-the saints of the user Felino Delia;

15. – a lecture on First aid for Pets with Dr Nina Araujo de Paula – private-practice veterinarian in Santa Luiza;

17 – Workshop on the Training of the dog with the Cape Karine Guedes Cury, Cape Anne, Caroline, de Oliveira, wheels, and a soldier, Alexandre Alvarenga, contract Rezende in the company of police with dogs and riot police to the strike – BPMCHOQUE;

18 – talk about volunteer work with André Gondim discuss the project and their feet.

For the adoption, you must: be at least 18 years old, carry identification and proof of address, and to pass through the sieve.

Used:$ 30

Note: All animals are spayed or neutered, vaccines, and anthelmintic in the day

*** Parking is free for all visitors!