The star of the most financially successful film in history, it is the two roles that you an Oscar


The actress for the main role in the story of A wedding on Friday (06), in the series

Scarlett Johansson has a great chance of making his international debut in the Oscar nominations on this subject in the year 2020. This is because the us government is the culmination of this year for the two activities that you can do with him in the race for the trophy.

In the first place on the Forbes list of the Actresses better paid of Hollywood, and for the second year in a row, Scarlett is, in fact, in his most successful year in his career.

The actress is part of the occupation of the highest-grossing film in history. As the Black widow in the Upcoming Appointmentwas launched in the first half of the year, the star is engaged in the production, which marks the end of an era of Marvel comics, and is preparing for the release of the film focuses on her character.

Credit: Marvel Comics

According to Scarlett, at the end of the movie The Black Widowlong made his debut, marked in April 2020, it was with a sense of closure. “To be honest, it is a decision for me, I had to be,” he said as he in an interview with Jimmy Fallon.Oct.

She also said she was left devastated by the end of the character Upcoming Appointment. “I felt like I was destroyed on the ground after his last film, the emotionally and literally, a joke. In the story, the character is sacrificed on the before I ever existed, and led to the recovery of the jewel of the soul.

In addition to the UltimateScarlett was in the role of the heroine The Stars in 2012, the Captain America 2: The Soldier Invernal, 2014 The avengers: age of Ultron, 2015 Captain America: Civil Warin the years 2016 and The Avengers: Infinite Warfrom 2018, when it confirmed him as one of the brightest stars in the universe movie from the Marvel universe.

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The greatest opportunity for the actress to win a nomination in the category Best supporting actress for her role in the Well With The Real World.

Scarlett Johansson as Baby Belzier Well with the real world (Fox SearchLight Pictures)

Scarlett lives in Rosie’s Belzier, the mother of the boy, a main character, Hitler has as his best friend, the imaginary, and the premiere should take place on the 6. February, in theaters in Brazil.

Director: Taika Waititi, the design was named Best Film by the audience at the International Film Festival in Toronto this year. Awards such as this, in the run-up to the Oscars, they give credibility to a scenario that includes the team for a long time in the competition for the award.

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But, in addition to the actress, she has a chance to win if also smaller, a nomination for Best actress, the much praised role of Nicole in the hand of Adam, the driver, in a The Story Of A Marriage.

Scarlett Johansson, like Nicole in the story of A marriage (series)

“The actress makes you feel the impulses and instincts contradict, anger, and longing, spite and guilt, defiance and apprehension in every step,” said Jon Frosch, the The Hollywood Reporteron the performance of the Ap.

The story of the divorce has been filed, it shows the view that a spouse for the other, and it is a difficult process for the separation with the custody of a child.

The film was screened at the Venice film festival, where the actress received a standing ovation for his performance, in addition to the production, directed by Noah Baumbach has for years been one of the highlights of the assessment.

Among other things, festivals, world-renowned, The Story Of A Marriage he was awarded the Telluride and Santa Barbara, the heats up to the expectations of the candidates, including Adam driver, and Laura Dern, is also a potential competitor for a long time.

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Shown in selected cinemas, The Story Of A Marriage it comes to Netflix Brazil on Friday (06). Check out the trailer:


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