The surprising story of the love of Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn


The secret is revealed

And after several months of only suspected, the secret of love is finally revealed when both were exchanging glances and romantic Nashville spotted while enjoyed a Cup of coffee. Of course, the comments are not coming, and finally, after some time, a source close to Taylor revealed to the environment The Sunthe Joe may was the right man for you, because the relationship is so stable that you wear.

Their first public appearance together

Finally, after a long time hiding, the film premiere The Favourite (one of the projects in which he is Joe), was the perfect stage to advertise for their romance in the four winds. Hand-in-hand, so it was, as you to Lincoln Center, the place where you planned to film that night.

Together at any time

But even if Taylor and Joe have always tried to keep private their relationship, if it is something we can be sure, that your love is stronger every day, and accompany each other at every step, no matter, to sacrifice what you have.

A clear example of this was when Taylor attending the award ceremony was Grammy to accompany him to the award ceremony of the film ‘The Favorite’, and for which he congratulated Joe, open on your social networks and was very proud of him.