The UN -, women -, and Netflix, start a collection for women



The collection, “Because they saw” is a tribute to the power of storytelling in this International women’s day

In unprecedented partnership, Sign-on, and UN women celebrate International women’s day with a collection, Because It is not Seen. They will be available to you on the platform, series, films and documentaries selected by the curators of the 55 and the women who work in front of and behind the camera — starting today at 10 am. Among them Sophia Loren, Janet Mock, Salma Hayek, Yalitza to participate in the meetings, Millie Bobby Brown, Laurie, Nunn, Lana del Condor”, Ava DuVernay, and Brazil, Petra Costa, Giovanna Ewbank, Pathy Dejesus, of The Mascarene Islands, Julian, Vincent and Andrea Barata Ribeiro are:. In a conversation with the column, a spokesman for the organization Angeline Martynhe concluded: “The series will give us the opportunity to reach new women to a discussion of “intergenerational justice”, the theme of the campaign, the UN women this year. The following are the highlights of the conversation are.


How has the cooperation between UN Women and the series?
This year, when the beijing Declaration and the Beijing platform for action, a full 25 years, and we believe that it is necessary for new partners to find, especially in the private sector, in order to help us build the debate on the equal rights of women. The series will give us the opportunity to reach new women to a discussion of the “Generation equality”, which is the name of the campaign, in this year of UN Women. In connection with the series, we can see that the challenge was to tell the stories and show the diversity of women around the world – both the front and back of the camera.

These 25 years or so, the rights of women far ahead in the steps, as well as slow have driven. No other country has managed such equality in practice. Earlier this year, the UN will make two forums, one in Mexico city, Mexico, in may and the other in Paris in July. What are the goals and objectives, which will be discussed at these events, so to achieve that, eventually, the world will be able to walk to are, to this equality?
Through these two forums, we have the ambition to achieve the six objectives, which are in no order of importance: the need to combat gender-based violence, and bring the opportunities of economic equality, the prioritization of the autonomy of the body, health and freedom of sexual rights and reproductive rights of women, the impact of the working group to change the climate, justice, and bring technology and innovation, gender equality, and to generate leadership for the feminist movement. These objectives were based on the four actions that generate from the nature of the world, the, collective mobilization, and stimulating conversations, the local and the global, between the generations and the connection of women and girls, to immediate investment, the a great impact on the equality of the sexes, and create actions, the will, the way, made the change, so far.

To achieve In the time you intend to these goals?
The plan is that in five years through these six goals, we are able to accept irreversibly, through joint ventures with leading companies in the public and private, the responsibility for what these projects and activities are determined on the basis of the objectives.

What a message you can be to the boys and girls of the next generation more of the same?
You are killing the generation of gender equality, a generation that has a chance to and get rid of the imbalance. Together, the measures and create a new language that can bring that about the dialogue between the generations which come and line up and change the settings, and patterns of behavior may bring about gender equality in the world.