Victoria’s Secret: the scene in which the model falling down and crying to him that you saw in the VSFS


China, Ming Xi is decreased, while the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in the year 2017, and appeared with tears in the wings 🙁

The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show shot on location in Shanghai, China, was broadcast on 28. November in the United States, but it is still a lot of feedback on the internet. In addition to the check-out all the photos anyone who is a fan of the brand, I was also waiting to see how it would be with the editing of the map, as the model of the Chinese Ming Xi, he fell on the stage, it was parading.

Ming Xi Victoria's Secret Fashion Show In Shanghai in 2017 Ming Xi strutting about the moments before his fall at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Ming Xi strutting about the moments before his fall at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. (Matt Angle Meyer/ Getty Images/Getty Images)

A lot of people thought that the scene be cut from the final edit of the show, but it has been shown in its entirety the Brazilian Gizele Oliveira, helps a co-worker, to lift it up. To cry in addition, during the traditional scenes, behind-the-scenes that appear during the VSFS, Ming Xi, she was seen, after he comforted you, the angel, and Lily Aldridge.

The viewers of the show have used to tell Twitter that they found the topic very unfair and cruel to the Ming Xi. The Model Chrissy Teigen it was one of them, he said, in fact, that it is written, not just once, but twice, (that is, the part had to be cut from the final Version).

“You had to show, in the Ming Xi goes down and is still crying, that…”

“This seems to me to be unnecessarily cruel, and it is embarrassing to be honest. If you want to show you a exciting time of the crash and the recovery, the scene of her crying ruined everything.”

We also found it very unnecessary. Ming Xi had been in the accident, namely: As many of you may already know, I’m in my fifth year of marching in a parade, in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show yesterday. Without a doubt, this is one of the most difficult moments I’ve lived through in my career, especially as the parade was going on in my own country, in front of my mother and to my people…. In the meantime the support I’ve received from all over the world, it was incredible and I’m really grateful for everyone who was there for me.”

This story would have ended, right?

Here in Brazil the show will be shown on the channel, AND on the day 11/12 22:30.