Video. Girl captured to dance for the nets, Taylor Swift


While a bus driver on your daily route signalled through the streets of the Orlando, Florida, a small temporary invited him to their tender dance to the rhythm Taylor Swift.

The video turned out viral in social networks, is the small Emerson slows down the rate from the bus, to dance, without a glitch Shake It Off the American singer and ready to make seconds to the delight of the passengers.

In the moment, that the girl begins the descent of the vehicle is stopped with his mother to the driver say, “this is my favorite song,” and begin your dance is contagious.

The publication was jointly Facebook about two years ago for the mother of Emerson, Brette-Ashley Schmitt, but returned again at the end of February, to inspire the Internet users.

“My favorite moment of our trip, until now. Before you get off the bus, Emerson, our bus driver came up and said ‘this is my favourite song’,” said the mother of the little one in your account of Facebook.


Taylor Swift surprised the world with its transformation to the man for videos

In the last seconds of the video clip is a replica of the whole process of characterization

“I’m sure you crazy a schedule that cumpir, but stopped and started the music so loud that I both danced me good… with Taylor Swift. Thank you Mr bus driver, make our day,” he added.

Until then, the video is a total of more than 11 million reproductions, 239 thousand reviews and over 14 thousand reactions.

The influence of the publication was mirrored in other social networks, outside and inside United States Of America, where the surfers welcomed the gesture of the driver and joined in the dance of the little ones.

“I like this. The bus driver is awesome!!!!” he wrote one user on Twitter. “Seats and the safety belt is the best dancer I,” said another.

On Instagram, the girl has also gained popularity to the point feedback from celebrities, such as Hilary Duff“This is unbelievable!” the actress wrote under the video that over a million reproductions.

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