“We are for the most easy-to-descreditar,” says Salma Hayek is the answer that you received from the Harvey-Weinstein – Marie Claire magazine


Salma Hayek (Photo By Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Getty Images)

Salma Hayek (Photo By Stephane Cardinale – Corbis / Getty Images)

This is a historic moment for women, and more and more we realize that this is not the time to talk to you about anything without fear of consequences – and the courage, together, reverse the decades and decades of sexism and misogia. In the case of a Harvey Weinstein is a great example of this, and Salma Hayek showed us that we can go a long way to go, as this has an impact on the media.

The actress, mexico, gave an interview to the Variety magazine during the Cannes film festival, where he commented on how some of the fees to the manufacturer answered. In particular, those who made it for you, and the actress Lupita Nyong ‘O, We are the easy-to-descreditar,” she said during the meeting.

Salma wrote in an open letter last year, it was published in the newspaper ” The New York Times, in which he explained in detail what they had suffered in the hands of Harvey, for the pre-production and the writing of the film: Frida (2002). Then, the manufacturer has released a statement vehemently all of the fees dispute, even if he has not responded to any of the foregoing.

After that, Harvey also responded to the comments from Lupita, the actress explained how he was followed, in 2011, when he was still a student at Yale University.

“He replied to the two women, both women of color. It was a strategy of the lawyers, because we are the most easy-to-descreditar. It is a known fact, if you tell a woman of color, and people believe less in what. Then he attacked the two women of color, in the hope that he will take is to our credit, it may be able to descreditar the rest of them.”

On the other hand, the view on the protests that took to the steps of the Palais in Cannes-Salma – who also participated in the Demo against sexism in the industry, he explains that all the men in the film-market, fearful of what is happening now. “The predators are hiding and scared to death. You can’t feel it. It is a lot of “folder”.

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