What happened with the face of Selena Gomez?


The American singer and shared a number of pictures in social networks and their fans immediately, the change in your face noticed.

Selena Gomez is one of the most important artists of the last few years, since the beginning of her career, thanks to Disney, his rise was immediate.

Currently, the influence on the social networks is one of the celebrities, only on Instagram the 170 millions of fans and those who have supported them exceeds, in the hard times that has passed.

Nevertheless, and although a woman admired for her beauty, received strong criticism in his account of Instagram because of the last posts was.

The young artist was in the centre of the criticism about the appearance after the publication of a series of photos, where he showed his face in the foreground and some of the accused to abuse of botox

Fans of Selena will ensure that you the cheekbones more pronounced.

Like the fans, you dedició hyaluronic acid betting, stretch your skin, although there are others that write the changes to the physical use of botox.

In addition, it was accused overdo it with the editing of your photos in the social network, a situation that always rejected, because he speaks out against something that is not.