Adamari López, the Champeta Challenge, what he did, as Shakira?


Adamari López the 48-year-old driver of the program Telemundo “A new day” surprised Televid duck show your talent for the dance, after the popular #Champeta challengecreated by the Colombian singer Shakira.

This is a challenge of the same is essentially the choreography of the dance champeta, the very famous Shakira during their presentation at the last show of the half-time break of the Super Bowl LIV on the side of Jennifer Lopez. So, thousands of professional dancers and fans found the challenge and shared their videos in social networks.


One of the videos, which are very popular in Mexico, the boy mariachi Guanajuato, dancing to the rhythm of the #Champeta challenge. To be famous on the internet, the brothers Carlos and Jesus the spectrum, were the guests in the program “A new day”, where leads Adamari López and the other presenters, to prove that he his skills in dance.


Adamari López has talent in dance

If the young mariachi music loaded the driver Telemundo perform the challenge and began to teach, step for step, the movements of the Champeta of Shakira, the more underscore, the actress and TV presenter Adamari López. Let us remind ourselves of the puerto Rican woman is a dancer Toni Costaso that you are very likely from before you has already given him more than a class Adamari.


Though Adamari López wore high heels that prevented her from moving with a little more ease proved to learn that it had a good pace and talent in dance, unlike the rest of their companions of the programme, those who were, with greater difficulty.

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This would not be the first time that the cyclist and ex-actress shows a lot of talent for dance of the Colombian Shakira. As Adamari said, what is good for the dance, when he in the program of the competition “Look Who’s Dancing” 2011. Therefore, over the years, we are confident that the driver become a better, much more on their dance steps.


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