Agnès Buzyn leaves of the French Ministry of health for the city of Paris, France


Up to now, the Minister of health, the French Agnès Buzyn, is the candidate of the party of the Republic, on the March to the city hall of Paris, after the template Griveaux if you take on a Friday when it was revealed in a video on their social, sexual and sexually explicit messages that he exchanged with a young girl, with whom you have a relationship, the extra-conjungal.

“I’m going to compete to win,” said Buzyn of the Agency and the news Agency AFP. The withdrawal of the Griveaux, who was in third place in the polls, the current President of the chamber, the socialist Anne Hidalgo and Minister of justice, Rachida Dati, the party of right-wing Republicans – has. a sticky situation for the party of the President, Emmanuel Macron, in the month of the election In the first round of the communal-is the 15. In March, the second on the 22.], and it was necessary to the head of the list is the replacement for this is an end-of-the-week is.

According to the radio station France info, Buzyn was encouraged to apply for the Macron. It should be replaced with the government this week, said sources in the Republic on the March to the CAR.

On Saturday, the police of Paris, was an artist and activist for the Russian, The Pavlenski, whose name was used to register the site where it was published the video of the ex-Prime Minister Benjamin Griveaux. Pavlenski was identified as the author of a text on the Griveaux, where it shows all the messages sexually explicit, and he States that the purpose of the Website is the “report of the high-ranking officials and politicians that do not listen to their constituents, and impose in the company of the Puritanism, which they despise themselves”, – stated in the media section

The reason for the arrest, but you don’t have to do with this case. The police said that the Pavlenski was looking for, because he was involved in a confrontation with a violent in the night of new year’s eve. He and his wife were in custody.