Beyonce has the best music video of the decade according to Billboard


In a few weeks ‘ time the year ends and with it ends a decade Billboard known the list of the music videos of artists who have achieved popularity and relevance in the last ten years, has become Youtube.

A spokesman for Billboard he explains that the music is lost videos of relevance, if MTV and VH1 you decided to delete your programming until the end of the year 2000 but it was Youtube the artists were able to survive and thrive in the music industry.

Beyoncé ensures that “Formation” it is a tribute to New Orleans, and is now considered to be the best music video of the decade.

To the surprise of many, Beyoncé the summit of this popular list with her music video could be “Formation“part of the disk, of the same name, and was declared, a tribute to the community of the black race in the United States.

Beyoncé that ensures, “Formation“it is a tribute to New Orleans and wanted to bring their protest against the abuse the authorities and police officers were on the ward afrothe video has more than 190,579,215 views in less than 3 years.

“Formation” by Beyoncé on 190,579,215 views in less than 3 years.

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After Billboardthese are videos of the music, the more emphasized in this decade, and were by artists who understood it, the throw managed an audio-visual production is an epic, the attention of the public as in the past.

“Chandelier” by Sia


“A Lot” 21-Savage feat. J. Cole


“King Kunta” by Kendrick Lamar


“Gangnam Style” by PSY


“HYFR (Hell Ya F–king Rich)” by Drake


“Telephone” by Lady Gaga feat. Beyoncé


“Otis” by Kanye West & Jay-Z feat. Otis Redding


“We Found Love” by Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris


“Bad Girls” by M. I. A.


“Formation” by Beyoncé


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