BTS exceeds that of Elton John, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift and the Super Bowl | music


What was for many, previously unknown, has now become a daily event. The success of the K-can the brakes Pop, and this is something which each person would claim without hesitation.

More and more faces from this genre that came from, in the lists of international successes, in order to remain. And to hypnotize, not less, because of the breathtaking choreographies and the unique styles, with which they surprise us, are capable of every. Imagine force you to live.

The concerts of these artists have unique experiences. Proof of this is the bot is BTS during the last tour, and the stadium of Barcelona brings to the stage in the Olympia the next 17 and 18 July. We all die, by see and hear you live! And apparently we are not the only ones, because a record of the past, and in connection with the sale of tickets for their concerts have to re-select it between the other artists.

In particular, such as Stubhub and the words of Soompi, the sale of tickets for their new tour Map Of The Soul overhauled the voices like Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift. The way it is. And not only that, but sold almost dual tickets will be sold, in the Super Bowl.

In this way, during the first 72 hours of growth surpassed it in sales 560%while Ariana and your tour Sweetener 378% and Taylor Swift and Lover, respectively, were 258%. No wonder, then, that the BTS has become the artist leader StubHub in the last 30 years. Names such as Billie Eilish or Elton John are over.

The tour Map Of The Soul, the starting shot is at the 11. april in your house, Seoul, and ends up in America, part of Asia and Europe. We, (lose almost) no one in this long-awaited party. Although his followers latinos have to wait, it is.

To show BTS that K-Pop is unstoppable phenomenon, and that anyone who attempts to repent for his deeds.