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‘Desalma’ – series: supernatural, the Globo play / Marketing/

The rituals of witchcraft, ancient tradition and a lot of mystery involved with the new series of the Globo play with a premiere planned for the coming year. “Desalma” takes place in the year 1988, when the disappearance of a little girl, the population of shocked a little bit of Bridget in the deep South of Brazil. The traditional celebration of Ivana Kupala dates back to the calendar of the city. Thirty years later, the population is preparing to bring back the party, but the strange events begin to scary for the community.

Written by Ana Paula Maia, his first audio-visual work, and the artistic direction of Carlos Manga Jr ‘Desalma” it’s about terror, it is a bit. “It is a story that tells about the metaphysical questions, but that is only true in a human drama. It is not terror-free,” explains Vittoria. According to him, it will not be handed over easily to the General public. “We want to introduce to the audience, for themselves. In this direction, we create an atmosphere that will lead your imagination to work. You don’t see things, and it has a feel to it. I like to call them, “the direction proposed by: a door that is closed when the back is open, with the camera moved closer to an environment in which anything can happen”.

Before you begin to write, in places outside of the city of Rio de Janeiro of the scenes were shot in various cities of the Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná state, for six weeks. 36 sets of cameras, of which 16 of them in a plot of 300 square meters, is located in São Francisco de Paula, in the region of the serra gaúcha, who has served as the backdrop for key scenes from the forest, towering cliffs, lakes and ancient ruins, the rose in the air, in the event it comes to a story. The climate is cold and sub-freezing temperatures have helped to get the player through the levels. Cassia Kiss, Claudia Abreu, and Maria Ribeiro is in the final.

The writer, award-winning author of the books, and the winner of the prize São Paulo of literature, she moved from Rio de Janeiro to Curitiba for four years, and he began to identify with the customs and traditions of other cultures: “I don’t Think my first impression was the food, until I started the forest and the parks of the city, the traditional festivals, various folklore groups,” he says. “In addition to the hosts are German and Polish. It is a tour in the state of Paraná, for the people, the dancing, dress up, make a coral. I began to think it is pretty awesome, and I thought that the world needed to know what’s inside,” says Ana Paula Maia, inspired by the Ukrainian culture and the mythology of the Slavic to the series: “Eastern Europe” is very mystical. I took so many wealthy, culturally, for a story with supernatural elements. The idea is to bring, is different, it is awesome, and that is almost blotted out, and that is also a part of the United States.” Check out a preview of what is to come: