every minute I am able, I am always grateful for’


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As Angelina Jolie a couple of days in Rome, Italy, with her children, her father, Jon Voight, and decided to talk a little bit about your relationship with belle. The two have had many clashes in the past, to the point that the actress refuses to invite him to your wedding with Brad Pitt, the in Brazil in 2014. Luckily, it seems that the stress the family was in the past, and, according to the website the Hollywood Reporter, Jon has shown that he likes to have time with his daughter, even though it is short.

– It is wonderful for me to spend some time with Angie. Every five minutes I get, I am very grateful for that, so it’s great to be able to go on a trip for a little while with her and the children, also noted, one-on-one, taking into account the parents of the six children of Jolie: Maddox, 18 years of age and persons under 15 years; Zahara, at the age of 14; Shiloh, 13 years old, and twins Knox and Vivienne, the-year 11 -.

In an interview, the winner of the academy award for Best actor in 1978 for his role in ” a bittersweet homecoming, although he stressed that he appreciates the work of Angelina. Recently, the actress returned for the movie, the second part of the future, and while on the red carpet, I drew attention to the clicks with the kids, and on this, with a number of drag queens.

– I am a parent and a fan. As with all great actors, Angia, has its own, unique, and, you know, it is a collection of agreements, he said. It is a very, very strong about it. When it comes to a set, is completely at ease. She knows what she wants.