Glitch in Fortnite revealed the upcoming changes on the map. Secret Base open?


It seems that the Glitch showed the upcoming changes on the map in Fortnite.

In the past, the glitches can be a source of information about the forthcoming changes to the map were often. Although usually only bugami were, in many cases, the observed changes of the Plazkarten, which were introduced a couple of days later.

This time, a user Reddita showed a Glitch in which one of the huts completely changed his appearance.

Amendment to the hut in Fortnite something more?

We know what is on the card was a total of a few changes. For example, yesterday one of the caves the view of the skull has. The last Glitch shows that this is not the end of the changes.


According to players, the solution to this puzzle is very simple. Under this area, a secret base, which then, together with the 12 weeks of the season is. In the Wake of the Epic, the house had to move to the landing of the helicopter in the middle.

Admit it, that sounds interesting. Whether such a scenario could actually happen? Like most of the. So far, however, the only feature is the displacement of the individual house and the change of its outer appearance.

On the map there is always more takeoff and landing, and perhaps, here, we are talking about you. All of this is probably the preparations for the introduction of helicopters.