Goodbye, memories! Miley Cyrus is selling the house where he lived with Liam Hemsworth


Now, this is legally divorced from Liam Hemsworthseems Miley Cyrus want to get rid of everything to remind you what you, you to him. According to reports, the singer already has the house sold in Malibu, where she lived with her ex-husband, a mystery, and hammer!

As reported by the portal Radar Onlinethe star of 27 years, they lost almost a million dollars on the transaction. 2016 Miley paid $2.525 million dollars for the property, even if he has 2.75 million listed in $.

On January 24, four days before the conclusion of the divorce between Cyrus and Hemsworththe artist sold, was the home of the partners for $1.7 billion.

In addition to the broken heart, the Mileya further reason for the property lost value was that it damaged pretty. As we know, the house burned in flames in november 2018, due to the wave of fires flood disaster in California.

In that moment, the actor of 30 years, she shared photos of what remained of her house, even though you already have most of your Instagram is not deleted (apparently, only Miley urge you to get rid of the memories).

The villa Malibu had a lot of sentimental value for both of them, because in this area and started their romance while filming the movie The Last Song2009.

To top it off, it was there, where Cyrus wrote and played the song Malibu until 2017, so they can keep months before you are back in your romance Hemsworth then their commitment in 2013 to break.


After marriage in December 2018 Liam and Miley they announced their separation just 8 months later, in august of 2019. Days after the actor Hunger Games divorce on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. 29. January 2020, the ex-partner was divorced as standard.

Now both of you are followed and have with your life. After a failed romance with the blogger Starring Kaitlynn Carterin October last Miley a relationship with the lead singer of the Australian began Cody Simpson.

For his part, Liam tried his luck in the love with the actress Maddison Brownbut that’s not lasted long and now this beautiful model comes Gabriella Brooks.

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So, the sale of this house full of memories is Miley Cyrus a possibility to close the cycle, forward-and good-bye you tell your story Liam Hemsworth.