“I thought I had failed miserably” – the NEWSPAPER of the CUBAN



The singer and actress spoke about her divorce with Marc Anthony after nearly ten years

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and their children Emme and Max

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony and their children Emme and Max.(JENNIFER LOPEZ/INSTAGRAM)

In the early 2000s, the singer Jennifer Lopez, the puerto rico Marc Anthony, the relationships most well-known started within the music industry, the fruit from which they were born, their twins Emme and Max.

However, if you disconnect just seven years of marriage were decided passed, the couple, too. The decision was came out in 2011 and in the process of divorce, come to an end in the year 2014.

It was a difficult time for Jlo: who now, after such a long time, if because the relations between puerto rico and you seem to be in order to be as his children has revealed the effects that it has caused this separation for you in this moment

The interpreter, “On the Floor” confessed during a interview with the journalist Oprah Winfrey after his divorce with Marc Anthony was very disappointed, he had, in fact, that the use of a professional help, because I felt that he had failed in his life.

The therapy helped a lot, since she had not only tried seven years of relationship, but also his two sons.

“If we was a time for us divorciamos more under in my entire life. Had failed to feel miserably. I had to waited to re-browse my whole life and re-agruparme, I have to get children up to 38 and I wanted to had by the person, with the help of the I”, said the collapse, “I Felt not, you would have to give, my children needed them. Oh, I didn’t know what to do! I even took therapy, I prayed, I prayed a lot, and I learned to meditate,” revealed Lopez for Oprah.

“Happy Father’s Day to you Skinny!!! Emme & Max love you soooo much!! Thank you for these two beautiful coconuts!!! Happy Father’s Day!!!”, it was a publication from Jennifer Lopez in June of 2019 as evidence of the great appreciation of Marc.

The time and the actress is the overcoming of separation, and further to the front, was passed, although he for them a severe blow.

Today, the ex-partner under an excellent relationship holds, where the premium in respect and intimacy, something that many admire, Alex Rodriguez, today’s partner, Jennifer has accompanied, on various occasions to show the good condition of the relationship and that, despite the separation, still a great connection between Jennifer and Marc: and your sons and now Alex Rodriguez persists.

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