Jennifer Lawrence, the hope of the Oscar-nominated film ‘the Plot ‘ s ghost’


'Woof, ghost' n
‘The plot’ s ghost ” in a delighted Jennifer Lawrence (Photo: AFP/Focus Features/Divulgao)

Although it has been suggested that there are six categories at the academy awards in the year 2018, including best film and best Director, The plot of the spirit the liked to watch the actress Jennifer Lawrence, who proved not to have been able, for more than three minutes long.

“Stand slidos three minutes. You’ll forgive Me, who love this movie,” he said to her, in an interview on the podcast WTF. “I would not be able to spend time. They were three minutes and that was it,” he said.

“about the clothes? about Reynolds and woodcock, he lived with Daniel Day-Lewis) is a narcissistic sociopath, and he is an artist, so that each and every girl fall in love with him because he feels bad about it, and this story is the love? I’ve seen it all, so I don’t know it. I j I’ve been there, I know how to get I need to see the Film,” he said, that so to your relationship with Director Darren Aronofsky.

The plot of the spiritin fact, a little more of a challenge for the actress you think. Directed by the American Paul Thomas Anderson, the film will show, in the direction of the most well-known fashion designer, woodcock and his sister, He (Lesley Manville). Metdico, and dedicated to the rituals of their inspirao by the women going in and out of your ateli. But everything changes when he the soul (Vicky Krieps), which becomes his muse and the beloved met, and lives it in the direction of full of UPS and downs.

Today, Jennifer Lawrence is promoting the lanamento Film Operao red sparrowdirected by Francis Lawrence. The film hits theaters Land on the next Thursday (1.).