Katy Perry is again characterized by bullying


Shortly after the model Josh Kloss culpara on Katy Perry of bullying in Instagramnew news around this topic gone. Why? Now there is another person who, it was claimed, followed the singer “Teenage Dream“. You can’t believe who it is…

The woman, the accusation is Tina Kandeleki, originally from Georgia. In the words of Tina, the bullying by Katy Perry it came to pass that in a partywhere the boy faced attitude, which is uncomfortable for the singer, even if Tina was not comfortable with the situation:

I struggled to zafarme, my strength exercises were not in vain. A little later, Katy, he took kiss to a new victim and make him different kinds of dance.”

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This Declaration is made Tina Kandeleki to StarHit. However, it is not known what the party said, like other details. For the moment, Katy Perry not to mention, it has decided to the already two allegations of harassment. Could it be that at some point, the celeb something to say?