Kim Kardashian, confused his fans with assumptions mannequins


Kim Kardashian, the famous socialite and entrepreneur was a surprise to all his fans, Instagram with a publication, where you can watch, for example mannequins very strange, why? They were real women.

Kim and your mannequins the whole city of New York will be the protagonists of one of the starts anticipated all of this year up to 2020.

The entrepreneur had announced, in their stories of Instagram this would be for the introduction of your brand to Nordstromin the city of New York, and she gave us a unique experience and unforgettable for all the fans.

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The launch has came a large fashion show in which models of all sizes and sizes and went down the stairs, electrical shop, all carry a variety of designs for your brand SKIMS.

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At the conclusion of the show, the models you between put themselves in a platform, the skin, the color of the pale, in the mix mannequins dressed in his clothes. From the bra in the solution for a short time, the slip dress and the suit bust open shaped, all of them were a sensation for the audience.

To ensure that participants could appreciate how are the pieces of clothing on the body and how they help to logrrar have a better look.

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Kim said in the program Good Morning America that his whole life had worn sashes and knew that there is still a need in the market.

I wanted to modernize it and make it a little more comfortable and durable,” said. “I am very happy, that we love all of this, because it is my baby. I put a lot on that. “

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Without a doubt, this presentation, the sensation was for all the a comment among his followers, between the knowledge of what it was, the false and the real, stating how amazing that everything, lucia and original that was the idea. Thousands of positive reviews we have on this spectacular presentation.