Kim Kardashian defends her daughter North West after she accused of plagiarism


The the debut of North West as a singer in addition to her father, rapper Kanye Westhas led to a plethora of reactions. The most important thing is that the are accused of plagiarism through her mother, Kim Kardashian came to his defense.

The parents of the youtuber ZaZa the dissatisfaction that they felt showed, after North the song of the small, without the credit sing because.

“We are not angry, but… please, above all, show some respect and appreciation for the original version. We admire Kanye and we love her way…we want to, however, remain with the impression that the career is made for our daughter in the entertainment world is still in the shadows,” said the parents of Zaza, depending on the evaluation of The truth of the messages.

Before this survey, Kim replied that was not the intention to steal his family, the role of the girl. He added that it would be to your taste, your daughter became acquainted with ZaZa in the near future.

North is a big fan of you and all the time comes into the studio and recording with his fatherand it feels very inspired by the work of ZaZa. It was not our intention, in the shortest amount of time you do not get the recognition they deserve. We are pleased that the girls could see themselves be forced soon,” said the celebrity stories of Instagram, according to the medium.

Who is ZaZa and why accused North West?

The eldest daughter of Kanye and Kim came to the stage and interprets a remix of the theme “What I Do“of Zahara Bean. Better known as ZaZaa girl of 4 years with three videos and 300 thousand subscribers on Youtube.


In 2019, ZaZa was DeGeneres interviewed in the program of Ellen for his success as a rapper too short, so old. And is that your fame grew, as a foam, to be published by the beginning of last year, when a couple of funny dance steps, replicas of millions of people in the world were.

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