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The process is simple: make a small incision on the inside of the mouth, the removal of body fat, the rest between the jaws and the jaw-to — the-balls-of-Bichat — by a couple of points, and in a few days. Known as the Bichectomia, this is a small Operation, it was very popular to show after celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Angelina Jolie, and the compassion that you went through the procedure.

“This is a interversão the nature of the aesthetic, which is suitable for those who want to fix the asymmetry of the face, therefore, there is a decrease in the size of the mouth, which conceals the shape of the face,” says the dentist, and Gustavo Menegucci. In addition to the balance, the proportions, the procedures, the patients can help, difficulties in chewing, because of the removal of excess fat, which causes the person to bite the inside of the mouth, and eating in a way that feels more comfortable.

This is Easy.
The Bichectomia also helps to minimize the deflection, and the reduction of the chin

The Bichectomia also helps to minimize deflection and reduce the chin. “With the passing of the years, her cheeks are of a format buy, the like to the pull off a ball of fat in the face to the apples and earn defines the outline, and to acquire in the region of the neck, more self-confidence,” said the dentist.

The Operation varies from one to two hours and is performed by a dentist or plastic surgeons the only ones allowed to do it in the bichectomia . The anesthesia is local, and the patient is not in need of hospitalization. The points spared by the body.

Possible Complications

The procedure is new, and it generated a lot of debate among professionals, as some of you point out, the possible complications, such as premature skin aging and the risk of damage to the facial nerve. “The balls of Bichat are in close proximity to the nerves of the mouth, so that the procedure is too risky, if it is done by a trusted professional,” he explains Menegucci, the information that the choice of a dentist or surgeon, this is crucial for the success of the interversão appearance.

Some practitioners claim that the removal of the ball of Bichat, impair the function of the attenuation of the cheeks and contribute to the wear and tear of the area. However, these hypotheses are not yet scientific support.

Expectations of the real

The Bichectomia it has a few limitations. The dentist, and Gustavo Menegucci says that it vary recommended for those with unrealistic expectations about the procedure, because the results may from person to person.

After Menegucci, the changing face depends on the shape of the face of the patient, and, be warned though, once you are done, it does not go back to possible. “That is, to speak of why it is important as well, with a professional,” he said.