Look-alike, brazilian Angelina Jolie has already tried to in on the fun of the Oscars


It relez, I wanted to deadly never get in on the fun of the Oscars, one of the most important award in the film international? The mining enterprises, the Lu rice, 39, well, you tried! Pretty much a carbon copy of the Brazilian American actress, Angelina Jolie, and she ended up being barred at the door, if it was a joke, in order to the event.

“I was dressed as normal, or with a chic outfit. I had to try a guy who was going to, told me to go, and then he said: “It is a comin’. He didn’t come, but I can’t. My husband even joked, ” it’s to say no to Angelina Jolie?’ The guard smiled and said,” sorry, says in an interview with AnaMaria, Digital.

In the model, which ensures that you never gone through cosmetic procedures to look like the artist says, his interest in Jolie, the, since 1997, as the main role in a music video of the band, the Rolling Stones, for example. But as Lu says, the comparison began in earnest, when the actress for the main role in the film ‘Tomb Raider’, in the year 2000.

“People talked about it, I had something that reminded him of her, but you never know, whether to do it the eyes, the face, the body, or the way things are. But, I went through my phase of the punk and rebel just like her,” he says.


Lu, you are booked, the trip to Hollywood in the next week or so. It is on Thursday (17) to premiere ‘Maleficent’: the mistress of Evil”, following in the long course of 2014. The mining was in demand, companies carry the same top with the intention to entertain the tourists on the famous hollywood walk of Fame.

Lu is seen as a character. (Photo: Instagram/ @lureis80)

“The fact that in the city, the cinema and the place where Angelina Jolie’s life, it is really, I feel super excited and motivated,” he says. She already has plans for the advertising of other goods or services. My next character will be a Lara Croft (from the ‘Tomb Raider’) and Evelyn Salt (‘Salt’),” he said.

While he explains to the hobby of kings, what it’s always seen as entertainment and not as a work. “I’ve invested a bit in my character, because I really love it. Now, with the recognition and the invitation, I take it seriously. Who knows, a career as an actor”, is.


The model rose to prominence on the social network according to one story, the balance of the TV will appear in June of last year by the General balance sheet. So much So that it ended up being recognized when you make a purchase.

(Photo: Instagram/ @lureis80)

“It was a surprise, as I ran through the supermarket and they (the workers) did not want to stop to look at me. Then he asked me if I was on the balance sheet. I don’t know what’s been done in this area. But in any case, I’ve enjoyed. It was a sign that he had recognized something similar between me and a diamond,” he says.