Miley Cyrus and her strong commitment to, not Hannah Montana


Had to pass eight years, to Miley Cyrus was Montana with her past as a child star, and in particular with the character of Hannah the catapulted to global fame.

In that phase of their career was marked by the dismorfia body, caused, the obliged to wear make-up and tight-fitting clothing is not appropriate for a teenager and due to the pressure from Disney that he’s soiled image in the public non. However, the turning point is, let him not realize that we came to continue with the series after the loss of virginity.

“On one occasion, when he was 18 years old, Yes, I wanted to stop, Hannah, because I felt ridiculous. What is considered sex for the first time, I had the feeling that he could me that damn blonde wig. It was strange. It was as if… I had more of a sudden,” recalled in an interview with the magazine “ELLE”.

The process of detachment from his past, and to achieve that the audience could see, like an adult was not easy, because the constant feeling that he betrayed in no way are their fans.

“On one occasion I found myself in the back stage in Disneyland paris, and Peter Pan, a cigarette smoked. Suddenly, I knew that I was, I was also destroyed, a fantasy. This is the same feeling as you published the video was appeared, of a pipe smoked marijuana, but in the end I was not only a pet from Disney. I, too, was a human being,” he said.

Today, Miley has finally learned to appreciate the cultural influence Hannah had a whole generation: “in The end, if you listen, Cardi B to say that she heard the songs of Hannah, while he is in the Institute, not more than pleasant. This is the kind of things that make me happy”.