Myths and realities in the new adaptation of “Dracula” in the series


The actor Claes Bang, interpreted Dracula, in the series of the series

The actor Claes Bang, interpreted Dracula, in the series of the seriesPhoto: Handout/Report

In the month of January, Netflix has released their version of the vampire, the oldest of the horror genre: Frankenstein. A series of three episodes, with Claes Bang, and it was developed by Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat. A pair of showrunners is known for the success of the British series “Sherlock” where Benedict Cumberbatch plays the infamous researchers.

Based on the novel by Bram Stoker, the new series Dracula, is a partnership of the series with BBC One and it came with a thirst for the blood of the villain, from 1897 to the present day. But, you know, this is Dracula, and Sherlock all have in common? These two characters are so again and again in pop culture that have developed over the years, a multitude of adaptations with the unique characteristics of the participants. In the case of the vampirão of the most famous in the world, every series, movie, or book that you used, or excluded elements were, how it would be nice for the script.

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The sun, garlic, crosses, and even plants such as vervain, which were used to protect in these stories, the neck, the human race, vampire. The column in this Friday (17.) he brings the myths and truths of an agreement with the universe. But Warning: Here Be Spoilers!


Many of the details are in the book when it comes to killing vampires. The most common is that driving a wooden stake into the heart of Dracula’s death. It remains in the production of the series, but the death doesn’t count if the monster is trying to take his life, because he has to get back to it without the greatest difficulty. In the light of the sun, fear is one of the things that the character has, because he believes that he would die, if they come in contact with the heat.

The objects considered sacred, is also the trouble. The most common is the one with the crucifix (no matter what the material, the manufacturer, as long as the symbol is already present), but in the Bible, and even the sacramental bread, may be useful for you.

The mirror is another element that is redeemed from the creators Gatiss and Moffat. They reflect the image itself is not something that would be of interest to the police, but for the reason that you only discover when you see it.


The super speed is also a constant in pop culture. Although the number of the series, this is a bit of work, it is also a fact that it is good. It is also able, from a human into a vampire, but in the three episodes of the streaming, there’s a sound in the first attempt, almost as if he didn’t know how to control the end result.

Dracula, you can. in the skin of the animal and the human, in a literal way The sun is very useful, if the goal is to spy and gather information. He remembers that he has an aversion to the sun? It is not, therefore, the fog is also not taken care of by a vampire, making it seem to the direct rays of the sun during the day.


Do not limit yourself to the boxes in the traditional, Dracula can on the corresponding fields on the inside it is completely dark. The only drawback is that the refuge contains the country of Transylvania, the city of his birth. In addition to this, the evil will not be able to, in homes and institutions, without being invited, and the invitation from the owner, or of persons in the room.


It is, of course, that one of the monsters, the most famous would be the adversary in the position to destroy, or at least to try it. As long as he appeared for the first time in the literature, it is accompanied by Abraham Van Helsing, a professor of anthropology, and monster hunter, who knows almost all of the weaknesses of the vampire are here.

The name Van Helsing has already been numerous adjustments over the years, regardless of gender, or of the lineage of the family of Abraham. The number of the series; the identity of Van Helsing, it’s not one of the surprises of the first episode, which I not prefer to open, so I looked here, the experience of those who have.

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