Oscar 2018: Salma Hayek, Ashley Judd, and Annabella Sciorr speak out against harassment


In addition to a lot of glitz, the glamour, and the costumes were so incredible, in the Oscar-2018, the working time has to protest, Time’s Up”, a movement of artists that is created to combat their sexual crimes. After you accuse Harvey Weinstein of the abuse the actress Ashley Judd Annabella Sciorra, and Salma Hayek presented a short video about the representation of women, blacks and immigrants in the world. “The changes we are witnessing today, are to lead to new and powerful voices are different, our voices, a cry that said, it is enough. We will work together to ensure that the next 90 years ago, are the endless possibilities for equality, diversity, inclusion and intersectionality. This is what has been promised to us this year,” said Judd.

Actresses center stage on the red carpet

To participate in the Award ceremony, Salma emerged to dazzle on the red carpet, where they showed all the white hair in a bun, low, to the contrary, the actress Zendaya, who for a hair style, polished. The 51-year-old, the company is Mexican and has the appearance of a designer brand such as Gucci and is covered in sequins and jewels from Harry Winston. Ashley Judd wore a dress and a clutch Badgley Mischka, diamond-Bvlgari ring-custom-time-s-Up-the-Zameer Kassan. Already in Annabella, we have a little black dress with embroidery at the waist.

Emma Stone and invest in a casual look

Emma Stone was surprised with the choice of modelito: a blazer, Burgundy, with a pink sash at the waist and the pants are navy blue with the signature Louis Vuitton. The other detail that caught our attention was the visual work of the artist, the make-up with a shade of pink that appeared almost on the cheeks. In an interview with the Pure peopleAle, Crema, hairstylist and make-up artist in the salon, Lima, the whip, the state of São Paulo, took on the card. “To make the eyes, attended with a mixture of shades of shades of pink, from the production of fine modern and laid-back. For the blur of color on the eye, causing an effect of red with the lipstick-nude peach in the eyes, it is a trend that is already taking place for some time. In addition, the skin for next to nothing, with a blush, on the evidence, that leaves you looking quite natural, the kind made at home, the selected well with your casual outfit, from her,” he said.

(For Patricia ‘ s day)