Proceedings Tntiny, how to new challenges in Fortnite


Already today in Fortnite, there will be new problems. Standard with the help of the Polish public, we can formerly you your card a bit.

Proceedings Tntiny will be a great injection of experience points. The options appear in the game after a few hours.

Problems Tntiny in Fortnite

In General, the players, the ten is not very complex problems. Not too many search results, and most of them you need to do by playing.

  • Likwiduj player with the help of explosions 0/5
  • Search the crates in the Green hedges or Store-farm, for example, 0/10
  • Destroy the building with the help of gas cylinders, for example, 0/10
  • Jump high in the air on the fast boat 0/5
  • You will visit different points of orientation 0/15
  • To replace, use the location of improvements, weapons, 0/3
  • Ask damage bossom 0/500
  • Sit on the platform, Hydro-16 and in Trocinowym 0/1 sawmill
  • You destroy the camera or the tower wartowniczą 0/5
  • Likwiduj players without the extension of protective screens or the use of objects of the be treated between likwidacjami 0/2

If you have any problems, we will also have to find a map with an indication of all the places you need to.