Residents of a newborn baby found in a trash bin in a pine forest


The baby in a trash can was found inside. (Photo: Facebook/Handout)

A child who was abandoned in front of a home in the vicinity of Pineville

A newborn child was found in a trash can at home in the morning, this Monday (the 24th.) in the neighborhood of Pinevile, in the pine forests in the Metropolitan region of Curitiba, Brazil. The baby, a female, was found around 9 p.m., and still with the umbilical cord.

Gizele Oliveira), who found the baby, said that he was very scared at that time. “I’m very excited. I cried my eyes out. I was shaking, desperate. I wanted to pick it up, take it out and give them first aid,” he said.

According to her, the child was not at the time, it probably would have been killed. “The child was suffocated, and he was not breathing. The heart rate instead. After that, I heated up the little body in the blanket, and the heart went back to beating normally. It was not red. I put a hand on his forehead, for a time, she had a fever, I opened my mouth, and the boy, and at first, it was normal. I think you were born to early in the morning.”

Gizele has yet to be reported, complaining of the attitude of the woman who abandoned her and the baby. “It is unacceptable that a mother have done a business like this. There are so many people who have a child, and not be able to do this. It could either be donated to someone else. Now, throw in the trash? We don’t do that”.

The police were called, and sent the baby to the hospital, and the maternity, in a pine forest. The status of the health of the babies is a good thing.

According to police, the images from the cameras investigations are to be supported, to find out who has left the child.