Rihanna is back with new music


UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.- Rihanna is the star of the front page of Vogue magazine for the november issue, and in his interview he spoke about new music.

It’s been some time to change that, the singer focused more on your business and less new songs, something.

The wait has come to an end, Rihanna is planning a new album with the title of R9, and said that even with all of the other companies, the music was never in the plans.

“I, the designer, the woman who created the make-up and lingerie, all started with the music. Was my first correspondence with the world,” said. “Cut the cut of my communication. All of these other things bloom on this basis”.

What is included in the new album, Rihanna he shared back to its roots.

“I like to see how an album inspired by reggae, or enriched with reggae,” said Rihanna. “You are not typical of what became known as reggaeton But you’ll feel that the items on all tracks… reggae always feels good for me. It is in my blood. No matter how far or how long it has been deleted, I Am from this culture, or who grew up in my area in the I; never. It is always the same height. Although I have explored other genres of music, it was time, again, I had the Director for a body of work”.

Their music is also some of the songs from the love, because the singer confirmed that you are in a happy relationship. “Yes, I’m coming,” said. “In fact, I’m in an exclusive relationship for some time, and I’m doing very well, so I’m happy.”

Now, it is sufficient to wait to hear these new topics, the sure to be another success.

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