Rihanna is your life in a movie


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If Taylor Swift and the young Billie Eilish tell you with their own documentary on Netflix and Apple TV+ or-, Rihanna could not be less. As already shown, now the magazine the Hollywood Reporter, the streaming service from Amazon has paid $ 25 million, the rights at the international level, a new movie based on the life of the famous singer.

Interestingly, she has chosen to be against this project, filmmaker Peter Berg, is responsible for some of the latest successes at the box office, Mark Wahlberg, as ‘Patriots Day’ or ‘Mile 22’, but with whom you worked in the disaster by critics and audiences, the science fiction film ‘Battleship’has been.

The past, the new boyfriend of Rihanna
Mountain it took worked years on this project, and has opened the doors of the houses offered by diva from Barbados, has left an unprecedented access to his private life, with 1,200 hours of footage in hand, to translate in order to choose the best type of sense of humor, the work ethic and the love for his family, “” one of the most influential artists of the recent history of the music.

In august, 2018, the Director, the Assembly estimated would be ready in about two months, but since then it has not more news about it, and it is unknown whether the film is now ready for distribution.

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