Rihanna, nominated for the awards of British fashion, a new, against both the Victoria ‘ s Secret


A lot has happened since the Victoria’s Secret drew in the fashion industry. Was is desired the company of ladies underwear the most, and organized the move, seen more of the world, where his angel –the most well-known models international panorama – flew with your suggestions. However, in recent years their popularity (as well as the number of sales) has fallen, forcing to close shops. Clinging to stereotypes of beauty, especially in a time in which the acceptance of diversity is on the rise, was Rihanna with Savage x-Code who’s been caught, take. A replacement was not only underwear, but with the show’s presentation. If gateway has even the tvand your clothes, with a wide range of sizes huge, exhausted constantly, the artist had this week, the umpteenth confirmation that your steps in the industry you are going the good way.


This week it was announced that the Code that creates the signature is that of the singer, one of the nominees British Fashion Awardsan awards ceremony is considered by many as the Oscars of the fashionsince all figures in the industry, as models and designers you recognize your job in the industry. Since the line of women’s underwear is within the brand to deny it is a relationship between the success of the company of Rihanna in a sector, thanks to characters like youevery time it opens, more of the same. What is your goal? A set of clothes and models for the beauty you create (which, in turn, the offers of work for campaigns, and parades), wider. Star this nomination was given unexpectedly, how young is your project. Therefore, his appointment is defined as “an incredible honour”.


The focus in the industry, in the music of a comet have career and multiple Grammy awards in the back, the rich fashion Rihanna he began with a collaboration with Pumahis first triumph in the industry, since many of the clothes were pieces in viral, like the sneaker laces-type loop, or flip-flops, satin finish. A foray into the area of beauty, Fenty Beauty, and the subsequent launch of the Savage x Fenty, were also converting synonyms for the other services of the entrepreneur, seems, to, best sellers and all those adventures, a company embarks in it even better than Madonna or Beyoncé.


It is waiting Monday, 2. December, to find out whether Fenty, the winner of the award “Urban Luxe Category is’a decision you make 2,500 members from the industry. A category that, as the organization of the company is rewarded, the “redefining the new luxury and chic, the fashion, the entertainment culture”. Something that has made Rihanna it, not only a part of the group LVMH -a union will be announced in may and he was with her company’s brand of luxury, but by the choice of your models with the ethnic diversity as a common denominator-in the case of Savage x-Code included, of pregnant women dolls with physical disabilitiesor pieces of clothing in different sizes. Any way, the following artists, make history, showing that a different world, a different philosophy in terms of clothing is possible.