Selena Gomez announces the date for the premiere from the upcoming album


The return of the artist waiting for the music industry is too long for some trailers. This know only too well what the consequences of the former star of Disney, Selena Gomezshe released her last studio album in 2015, with the title

The artist has revealed that we will listen to your new topics in the next 10 January. The display was made through their official web-page, where the banner takes up the whole entry.

Selena Gomez announces that his new album goes on sale on 10 January

Selena Gomez announces that his new album goes on sale on 10 January
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The fans of the singer, which is already closer to a revelation in this amount, since we released yesterday, self-Gomez in a tweet that “something exciting is coming tomorrow”. This has the date, waiting for their fans

“This album is a diary of the last few years and I can’t wait until you hear it”written , in which he is the singer on Twitter. Besides, she added, that the title, the cover and the tracklist will be in the near future.

This major announcement has not come, is unprecedented. The artist had already published, two of the singles who belong to his new project. On the one hand, the 22 is. October premiere with
Lots Of You To Love Me
and the next day she surprised us with
Look Here Now
topics, with which they demonstrate the process of overcoming, he has lived recently.