Selena Gomez charmed with his figure between books in a disorderly fashion


TEXAS, UNITED STATES.- Selena Gomez, American singer with Latin roots, fresh released a new collection of sportswear in addition to Puma, and to promote, a main role was played by a photo shoot.

Far from the typical meeting, on sports fields, study or something like that, Selena opted for a library, and a fault in the books to accentuate her pronounced curves in a set of blue.

Leggings high waist, and a top with long sleeves and the number “92”, refers to the year in which he was born in Texas.

Gomez took out a pair of tennis white with living beige outfit, earrings plated, and a face highlighted with nude lips and smoky eyes. Her hair, already in the middle of the campaigns, shampoo, shone with voluminous waves, posing on their shoulders.

On other photos, in turn, is wearing white. Explains the ex-Disney says, inspired by a tattoo of point and comma from the controversial series “13 Reasons Why” and represents the thin line between life and suicide.

“I wanted the collection to feel with the characters,” he said. “That was really funny, in particular. Also the photo session we had for the photos of the action, such as, ‘How do we get the costumes to reconstruct so easy to some people? How can we ensure that there is enough versatility with combinations of dresses?'”.

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