Selena Gomez released a new album in January, includes “Look At Her Now”


The actress and singer Selena Gomez the music returns after a long hiatus with a new album that you can see the light at the 10 of January, not yet the name is familiar, although white, contains the songs, edited, last “Lots of You To Love Me” or “Look At Her Now”.

The followers of the interpreter already for a long time with reference to the hard disk as “SG2” in the absence of an official title for the album can already be booked, as announced this Wednesday Universal Music.

“Lots of You To Love Me” has a. on the first theme, with the artist in corona, the number 1 in the list of Billboard Hot 100 A song was controversial, because their followers have in connection with their failed romance Justin Bieber when you talk about a relationship toxic.

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The video on this topic, which had exceeded in the first 10 hours on YouTube already, the 4.5 million visualizations, filmed with an iPhone and the only protagonist of the face in black-and-white by Selena Gomez, with expressions that show the process from the quarry up to this point, she says to herself ever love was.

Musically, Lots of you to love me is lost, “” (I want You to love me) is reminiscent of ballads of Lana del Rey. It is a simple piece, and slowly, the piano is almost the only instrument that is hardly a company, the voice of Gomez.

Selena Gomez, held that accompanies a relationship with fractures and reconciliations between 2011 and 2018 with Bieber, in a text, the publication of the video of “lose you to love me”, wrote the artist: “This song was inspired by a lot of things that have passed in my life, after I made my last album. I want people to feel encouraged and know that, if anything, will make you stronger, and you will have a better version of yourself”.

Besides as a singer, Gomez a parallel career as a producer of audio-visual has started “13 Reasons Wy” and “Living Undocemented”, a documentary series about the emergency and the hard life of undocumented immigrants in the United States premiere on Netflix.