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With the publication last august with their album the most successful to date Taylor Swift all seemed to enjoy, in one of his best moments as professionals. The singer, who is positioned in addition, as the best the 2019 paid in the list Forbessigned a major contract with Universal Republic Records and next month will appear in the film version of the movie Cats. But not everything that shines is gold in the world of the stars. Last Sunday, the media echo of another Chapter in the struggle of the artist for the rights to his music. Less than a month of his 30th birthday –reconciled on 13– December – Swift with her past and seeks the control of your success.

This summer, the artist becomes a public dispute with the founder of their old record label, Scott Borchetta, and with the representative Scooter Braun began the bought the company this year. Swift accused, not to allow them to buy the rights to his music, and the exercise of a “tyrannical control” over their music. In the past week, the pop diva be the topic of a text on Tumblr, in the assured, nor in a rush of brown and Borchetta. According to her, you said you could not “burn again” your music before you have the right to interpret them, “next year”. Swift is determined to burn back control of their first six albums back to your issues, which, he says, could begin in november 2020.

The pop diva shows the old problem of the music industry about who will save the rights of the work of an artist. Swift ensures that your attitude is looking for a voice, a musician less influential. “I firmly believe that sharing what happened to me, can change the consciousness of other artists, and potentially help you avoid a similar fate,” he said.

Prior to joining Universal Music in the year 2018, all original recordings from the singer –material, used, digital copies, CDs and vinyls– belong to Big Machine Records, and also the seal, threw it to glory. Swift was just a teenager when he the company. And now, for 300 million dollars, is in the hands of brown, fierce opponent of the artist, who has accused him bullying with the complicity of other exrepresentados like Kanye West. Brown is the manager of stars such as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande or Demi Lovato is the Swift asked for their support in the struggle of the entrepreneur holds.

Taylor Swift at a gig in California.
Taylor Swift at a gig in California. REUTERS

Parallel to this conflict, which has lived, the artist, as his last work, Loverbeats one record after another. In his seventh album, and the first one who owns all rights to his work, is the sixth, which achieved the number one on the Billboard 200. In addition, in only a week Lover sold 867.000 units in the United States, the more sales for each album since the last start of the singer-2017 Reputationaccording to the us magazine Billboard. With Lover in the head of the lists of Swift the first female artist in six different albums at least 500,000 copies sold in only one week. In the UK, the singer has made history, by being the only woman with four albums to number one in the country in a decade.

All of these awards are not a coincidence, the criticism was written, a project in which Swift makes a journey from its origins as country, pop, R&B, electronic, ballads, and a hybrid of influences, with which the artist to a wide audience is seeking. “The longing for revenge, they carried their predecessors in self-reflection, maturity and positivism. Has decided to focus on themselves, their identity, and just about everything that makes him happy. Your new a long time is, therefore, a number of songs, intimate and sincere shows a Taylor with more light and ideas much clearer after overcoming the darkness,” he thought after the criticism in the journal Mondo sonoro.

This musical development was accompanied by a personal development in the same direction. Taylor Swift has not stopped fighting, but Yes, it’s best to choose your battles. Although she was one of the pillars of pop-culture and a fervent advocate for the rights of the woman, the interpreter is never politically positioned. Not what he did during the campaign, which led to Donald Trump in the White house or along its controversial management. Until October of last year, when his words led to thousands of people acudieras to the polls. Swift confessed in his account of Instagram, which is not a pitch of any political party, and you agree to review the agreement with the applicant, and the proximity that you are with your values. “I believe in the fight for the rights of LGTBI, and any form of discrimination on sexual orientation or gender wrong. I think that the racism-systemic, that we still see in this country against people of color is frightening,” he said.

Gradually, the young blonde from Pennsylvania goes, showing his own voice, and the cause is suited to overhead lifting. Therefore, in the course of this year, has decided to close old wounds and end their hostility with Katy Perry, and Demi Lovato. The boy is already aware of what is important, such as the cancer of her mother, the fight against this disease a second time. “It taught me that there are real problems and then everything is different. (…) Is now my worry, stress, and my prayers are dedicated to this,” he said.

An example for this growing maturity in their relationship with the British, Joe Alwyn, the 28-year-old had been at the MET gala in 2016. Next to him is maintained, and a relationship has to be discreet and away from the herd, also with a view to increasing awareness of the actor successfully the last years. The singer had to learn to select the form of exposure to the public. The fight against brown will be added to the offender that have tried the input button repeatedly in several of its properties. In april of this year, Taylor Swift talked about in the magazine Elle“It would be nice if we get an apology for the people who harass us, but maybe the only thing I will is to know the satisfaction that I survive and thrive anyway.”