The book is produced by students, some of the celebrities in the Netherlands


According to the professor, Thomas, Jun., who is in Amsterdam (Netherlands) the project aims to provide the students with a greater ability for tolerance and respect for others. It also aims, according to the professor, “is to promote, to read, to practice from the book the diary of Anne Frank; to write, as the students produce their own diaries, which have been organized and turned into a book, among other things,” said he had to.

“We have contact with a representative of the Anne Frank house in Brazil, Joelke Ofringa the Institute’s platform in Brazil, and it had no knowledge about the project and its activities, and facilitates our contact with the person said to be responsible for the house in the centre of Amsterdam, as well”, the professor.

Thomas, Jun., together with their teachers, Paula and Fabrícia (S), Renan Cerveira (BRAZIL) and Ana Maria (PI), delivered into the hands of Jan Erik Dubbelman, the book, produced by the students. At the time, he was handed over to the poster of the poem – “Anne” of the poet from maranhão, Salgado Maranhão, Brazil.

“Jan, I was impressed by the work you have done. The international recognition of the project at the school in the state of Maranhão, is only a proof of how much of the work of the students is of excellent quality, and the leaves are all proud of, and encouraged to persevere in the studies,” said the professor.

Who Anne Frank was

Annelies Marie Frank (1929-1945) was a young teenager in the German-Jewish victims of the Holocaust. He died in the concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen, in Germany, in left, so it is in a diary, which was published by her father, a survivor of the Auschwitz concentration camp (Poland) with the title “The diary of Anne Frank’. It has been inspirational to one of the two most discussed in the nineteenth CENTURY, after the publication of the magazine,