The developers of Fortnite want to Google a discounted price


According to the Website the developer of the game Studio Epic Fortnite happened to Google with the request that a special treatment. Probably many of our readers domyśliło, what have, – on the presence of game and money.

Since last year, when the Premiere was Fortnite, the game is one of the most popular and best-paid on mobile systems. All this at the expense of availability. The Studio Epic is not money want to share from Google, its games do not offer as an App in Google Play, but as a separate installation program. Epic decided, however, ask Google about the rates reduced, conditions, and exceptions to the rule. The answer was obvious.

Epic don’t want to give away 30%

Google App Store is the biggest platform. It is not just a place we use to games and Apps. It is also a security, and moderate content, unified System of payment for the whole world, as well as support the creators and developers. Google so, the reasons for which he must make a lot of money. Much, because it lasts up to 30% profit from the payments in the play.

Epic explicitly this choice. This is the main reason why the game is not as available for Installation in Google. The website TechCrunch has called the news this month that Epic deserved the game more than US $ 3 billion. It is logical, therefore, that the company does not want to let go 30% with future revenues. The Problem could be. the downward trend in yields of Micropayment that you can identify with some of the time Epic is therefore looking for new ways to preserve the existing profit (and even increase). Help in this case, you should win your own Shop games, and the introduction of Fortnite Google and new customers.

According to informants, the site 9to5google Epic an App for Google sent and asked about the possibility of the introduction of its own payment System, based on direct payment by credit card, not podlegałby Google. However, this is a clear violation of the rules and regulations of the Google play Store.

Google took the official stance on this issue. It is reported that they do not have a permit for exceptions, the asks, the Studio Epic. Decisions lawful good platform Play, the need to earn money to its infrastructure and services for developers and customers.

It is understandable if Google was Epic, similar claims wysunęliby other developers Apps and games.

Source: 9to5google.

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