The dispute about the Seagull, the vineyard, the price did not want to give you, Shakira


In 1993, only 16 years old, shy Shakira I competition the song Festival Viña del Mar. Not won, but very quickly in star become. Almost three decades later, 12 young people end up in the championship with a dream: with or without profit, of happiness for those who practice it.

“The first theme in the competition. Country: Colombia. Title: you’re. Text and music: Shakira”. With this notion, the journey of a star began Barranquilla on the stage of the Quinta Vergarathe traditional venue of the tournament in the Chilean city.

To sing with the hair, all in black and even inexperienced kind, the talented artists everything went with one of his first compositions“You’re sensational, crazy ideas are rare, very original”… So tear that song, that is almost unknown today (but symbolic), which is also in her second hard drive, ‘Magic’.

Two times sang Shakira this theme is in that edition of the festival. But had no luck. Was third and, therefore, is not the longed-for was Seagull Silver. The winner of the, In questo mondo, Italian Claudio Cirimelehardly overcame. And three years later, that shy participants to return to the vineyard, but how international star.



A platform for the dissemination

Passed competition, the began is 27 years old and that, which will be held in a rudimentary scenario in February 1960, still stands, although necessarily attenuated by the stars invited coming from outside of competitions, every year, to sing their great success.

“The Seagull is of secondary importance. What has me absolutely excited about this festival that, like me, no one knows, I’ll know, really, the reaction, the honest people, because I know that the monster vineyardas they say to the public, I was able to respond, or excellent, or supermal. If you don’t like, I’ll say it,” says the expert, who is also the Colombian Paula Arenasparticipants with the song Good for nothing.

The compatriot of the author of hits such as torture and Waka-waka is one of the candidates the in the international competition for this edition, together with five other artists from Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Venezuela and Chile.

The Venezuelan Manu Manzo acknowledges that, to the Quinta Vergara, a “dream-total” for you, convinced that you will win or not win, which is quite an accolade.

To a show”, to open the music and the door, public so masses it is also win more”, recognizes.

And is the approximately 15 000 people, as the public is, add up the millions of people who see in different countries show about the television.

Women empowerment, social messages and love

In addition to the usual topics of love, the the empowerment of women and the social messages in these turbulent times is a part of letters the songs the participants of this edition provides the interpreter for the winner, in addition to the gull, silver, USD 26 000.

“We represent this Chile wax and refundado on 18 October (the date it started, on the land, the strong protests against social inequality,” says Vicente Cifuentes, the 30-year-old is already the author of four hard drives and winners of the Best artist Tropical until 2018.

Her song, Chillán, is the name of your city and “a kind of tribute“his childhood.

“The competition earlier on the main court and people came to see, songs that I knew. Today has changed, but I think it is a healthy leveling between the artist and strong competition,” he says.

For his part, the Mexicans are in control, you are encouraged in your song last opportunity to “forget everything negative and leave behind”, is estimated to reach a “such an important event in the world,” is for him “the union of Latin American music”.

The other competition, folklore

In addition to the international competition, the amphitheatre from the Quinta Vergara a category located in parallel, the folkwith the same award and prize money, and likewise, many of the participants.

“In these days came to remember, to play, this time on the road and think that it is not so long and today I’m here. It is a really great gift of music,” says the Argentinian Nahuel Pennisithe blind from birth.

“I always say, so it is important that we focus our attention on the things that you can do, and give the opportunity to the freedom the power to do what I love, is the music,” he adds.

A jury and the monster

The responsible to qualify both skills are the Argentine singer Luciano Pereyraher compatriot, the choreographer and Director Anibal Pachano, of the artists from puerto rico, the city of music, Pedro dome, and the interpreter of Chile Denise Rosenthal.

The Brazilian actress Isabela Souza, communicators Chilean Titi García Huidobro, Karen i liked a, Carmen Gloria Arroyo, Francisco Saavedra.

Added to them are jury virtual,, with which the audience can judge, from their homes to the competitors via an app for the phone. But without a doubt, the “monster”, with its applause, standing ovations, whistles and catcalls also have great influence.

“It is a public very beautiful and sometimes very cruel, depending on the presentation of the artists, but, in General, appreciates and values very highly the presence of important artists, such as the one we have at the festival”, emphasized the expert José Antonio Edwards, one of the producers and managers of the event.

What Again Shakira?

In 60 years of competition, in addition to Shakira, several of the artists of their time Viña del Mar and brought you happiness.

This is the case of the Chileans Alberto Plaza -was third in the year 1991 and Javiera Parra -he won in this issue – and Italian Paolo Meneguzzitriumphant in 1996, Aria, Aryan.

In addition, the participation of the Spanish has Giselain 2003, shortly after known to be made in the first edition of the programme “Operation Triumph”, won the competition with This love, is yours.

The German Salvador Beltran he won in the year 2017 with Where you were.

But what the whole world is asking: when, after 23 years, Shakira is back and brings for the first time a Seagullthat the “monster” also requires, deliver to the star invited like, even if not concursen.

“It would be an honor, spectacular. I would like to return, because the vineyard means a lot to me, connected with it, from my beginnings. Would be very nostalgicbut a longing for the good,” said the well-known singer of the portal Now news in 2016.

The protests on Sunday, the 23. February in the vicinity of Quinta Vergara move a day the start of the competition for this edition, though, if all goes well, Friday will be known who is the favorite of Viña del Mar in the year 2020.